Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nice tail

I ran the 5 Peaks Mount Seymour 12K race yesterday. A very, very technical course on the side of Mount Seymour. Total climb was about 2100'. A very popular race. There were about 200 runners doing the 12, and probably as many doing the 6K. Both groups started together, so it was hard to know who you were competing against. They sent us out in waves which further complicated that.

I've not been training at altitude and could tell. The lungs had a hard time keeping up with what the legs were calling for. I was passed several times along the way. I lack the agility it takes to move quickly across this kind of trail ... and I'm too chicken to risk spraining an ankle.

The last couple of kilometres I spent trying to keep up with a gal who was very good at navigating the terrain. I was pushing hard while trying not to stumble. The trail opened up in the last few hundred metres before the finish. I just managed to pass her and heard her say 'Nice tail'. Made my day.

I finished in 1:17, placing 36 overall. The best time was an amazing 0:56 ... how someone can move that fast over trail like that I'll never know.

Afterward went for a grind to the top of Mount Seymour (4600'). Beautiful views of the mountains and coast. Then went to the Endowment Lands for an easy 20K. All in all, a good running day.