Monday, April 29, 2013

Capitol Peak 50-Miler

Had a good run at the Capitol Peak 50-Miler this past weekend. Went there with a great crew: Dennis, Mac, and Sander. Clem was also there; Chris and Darla too. The weather was perfect: cool and cloudy, with just a bit of drizzle at the end. The course has some 6500' or so of climb ... not a lot for 50 miles; there was really just one grunt section to the peak ... the rest was largely runnable (though I still walked parts). I took one nasty fall; my hands were too slow getting up and my head slammed into the ground. Was dazed for a bit, but no cuts or bruises to show for it, though my jaw is still sore. I finished in 8:48, which is a 50M PR for me, first in age class (picture by Glenn Tachiyama).

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rim To Rim To Rim

Had just an excellent adventure this last weekend, running the Grand Canyon R2R2R. We had a great crew: Gaby, Ken, Mac, Cary and Lori. The weather was perfect, the views spectacular. We took a bit under 16 hours to run the 47+ miles and 12,000+ feet of climb. We started on the south rim. Took the South Kaibab trail down, the North Kaibab trail up the north side, and coming back, took Bright Angel back up the south side. Tons of fun.

Some pics by Ken, Cary and Mac are here