Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On STORMY, coming home, Mary's Peak, Waldo

A busy two weeks.

Two Saturdays ago ran the STORMY 50 mile ultra out of Squamish BC (Squamish Test Of Running Mettle, Ya!). A nice run. Did it in 9:05. Better than I was expecting. Placed 13th overall. No big issues, but one of my right quads was complaining near the end.

Two days after that, Java and I returned home to Corvallis. For the first time in four months, saw the sun set over Mary's Peak. The pack is back together.

Two days after that, ran Bald Hill/Mulkey Ridge with Guy and Gaby. So good to run with them again.

One day after that the Corvallis crew had a nice 'welcome home' run for me up Dimple hill. Too sweet.

Two days after that, the crew ran Mary's Peak. It was beautiful up there.

One week after that, I worked the Twins Peak aid station at Where's Waldo. What a great crew. Lots of fun!

It is SO good to be back.

Working Twins Peak station

Twins Peak babes