Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mac Ass 50K

Ran the Mac Ass 50K out of McMinnville, organized by Jeremy Hurl. This was a fat ass with minimal support. Still, Jeremy and his crew did a lot of work laying out and marking a challenging course. A big crew went from Corvallis, including Todd, Rita, Alinna, Gaby, John, Mike and the Millers. It was a very cold day, but no precip and no real snow accumulation on the ground. The course had a lot of intersections. The 50K was 2 loops of a 25K. There was also a 10K and 25K race going on at the same time. Runners seemed to be running every which way. Early in the race I was passed by a bunch of elite runners who should have been way ahead of me. It was a little crazy and at times had this Alice-in-Wonderland feel, but it was lots of fun. I think I actually managed all the correct turns. But after the first loop I was ready to bail. I hooked up with John who coaxed me into doing the second loop (thanks John!). We were joined by Alinna and Jacob and finished together. Great company ... I really enjoyed that second loop. We were close to DFL, taking 7 hours! But only about 10 runners finished anyway, so maybe that's not too bad :) A good time. Hope it becomes a regular fixture.