Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taper Time

Last long run before Orcas yesterday. Guy and I covered some 38K in 4.75 hours. Including breaks, we were on our feet 5.5 hours. Good solid day. Ran into Linda, Dave, Scott and Peter on our way up to McCullough Peak. Parted company there. We went on to Alien, Shave & A Haircut, to Dimple Hill, Dan's, Horse. Ran into Gaby going down Dan's trail. Then back into the maze. Got lost. The GPS and map helped us sort things out. Up Lovely Rita, New Missing Link, then back down Extendo. A good time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

LR #3

Great long run yesterday with Guy. We started up Extendo to the top of McCullough Peak. Down Shave & A Haircut, to Dimple Hill, down Dan's, up Horse, then back the way we came, pretty much. Total distance was 34 km. The GPS said 9,200' feet of climb, but it over estimates climb by at least a factor of 2, so we'll call it 4,600'. On our feet for 4:15 hours. Not feeling too badly today.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

LR # 2

Awesome long run yesterday in the Mac Forest. Big crew for this one. Gaby, Linda and I started early ... 7:00 ... doing the Nettleton loop .... still dark enough for headlamps. We got back to the Saddle at 8:00 to find about 10 folks waiting for us and ready to rock. Up Nettleton to Powerderhouse to Peavy and thereabouts. Then back to the Saddle. Gaby and Meghan set a hardy pace that I had trouble matching. I ran another piece with Ken ... up to Dimple Hill and back. 38K total in 3:40. I was completely drained ... definitely a good one. Maybe I'll be ready for the 50K at Orcas after all.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Long Run of 2009

Decent long run yesterday up Bald Hill and the ridge. Big crew for this one, including Guy, Gaby, Dave, Linda, Meghan, Sue and a couple of gals I don't think I've met before ... Nancy and Sarah (?). My stomach was causing me some grief. Still I managed 32K ... did a last rep solo after everyone parted company. It was a real mud-fest, especially on the east trail off the hill. Not sure I'll be ready for the full 50K at Orcas Island ... might just do the 25K.

Today M, Beth and I drove up as far as we could up Mary's Peak. The road was treacherous & I had visions of slipping off and rolling on down to where no-one would ever find us. That didn't happen. We did a good hike ... but the snow never got deep enough for snow shoeing. The girls had a blast. Looking forward to a trip to Hoodoo.